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How Do I Rank On Search Engines

Posted by Ben Seldon

How Do I Rank On Search Engines

With all the talk about search engine rankings there are only a handful of lists talking about the top web sites.  There is a valid reason for this - search engine rankings depend greatly on what you're searching for.  Your web site's rank on search engines can be extremely good for one type of search, but not very good for another.

For example if you have a hair salon that specializes in men's grooming, but your web sitesearch engine ranking content is tailored more towards general hair care and cuts, the web site may not rank high for anyone who searches for "men's grooming" but could rank well for "hair salon" in your particular geographic area.

The rank on search engines depends almost solely on the content that is used for your web site.  Metatags, key words and search phrases are part of the puzzle to increase rank on search engines.  Here are some more tips to improve your rank

Blogs - by creating a blog series that is regularly posted to your web site you can reinforce and increase your search rankings.  Blogs should be relevant to your business and marketing message; avoid stringing together a bunch of key words without a logical flow or writing style.  If you jumble together a bunch of words just to increase your search rank, the search engine algorithms have the ability to detect that tactic and actually lower (or block) your web site status.

White papers - creating an interesting and informative white paper about specific products or services is an extremely effective method for increasing search rankings.  The important point to white papers is to educate the reader with a slant towards your particular product or service - but to educate in a way that is not a sales pitch.  A well written white paper can be shared and downloaded many times, which will increase your search ranking.

Analytics - by using analytics tools you can learn what key words and phrases work best.  Run analysis regularly and tune your content accordingly.

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