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Sales Lead Generation Companies Review 2013

Posted by Ben Seldon

Sales Lead Generation Companies Review 2013

When looking back at the year 2013, how well did sales lead generation companies perform?  Were the leads that you received of high quality and with an acceptable sales conversion rate?  What were some key areas for sales lead generation companies in 2013?

Take a look at these 2013 points:Sales Lead Generation Companies Review 2013

SEO has matured – the major search engine providers such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others continue to refine their algorithms to determine search rankings.  In 2013 the algorithms determined rank using a number of criteria including content relevance and links that are used within the web sites.  Your search engine rank can determine how easy it is for potential customers to find you when they use certain terms or phrases to search.  SEO plays a crucial role in lead generation.

Social media is critical – the use of social media has come into its own in 2013.  Businesses now realize that in order to have an effective online marketing strategy there must be some form of social media presence.  This can include a Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest page, LinkedIn account and more.  Social media posts now have an impact on your search rankings as well as the ability for potential customers to find your business easily.

Reviews and feedback matters – any online feedback or review can have an impact on your business brand identity.  It is crucial to have a plan to address any type of online feedback promptly and professionally.  Even negative feedback can be turned into a good brand building opportunity if it is handled appropriately.  You need an experienced marketing partner to help you with managing reviews and feedback online.

Quality content is essential – the content that is used in all of your online endeavors must be high quality and very relevant to your business.  The better content that you have, the higher search rankings and better web site traffic will be received.  Your content must be reviewed and updated in all areas including your web site, blogs, social media, emails, articles, Ebooks and more.

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