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Should I Pay Someone to Comment on Blog

Posted by Ben Seldon

Should I Pay Someone to Comment on Blog 

There is plenty to talk about regarding blogs and how they can influence your marketing initiatives.  One of the key features of blogging is to allow the reader to make comments and present their experiences or feedback on the blog subject.  For businesses this may pose a question:

“Should I pay someone to comment on my blog?”

There is a tactic used online where writers are paid to make comments on blogs in order toblogging services improve or diminish an online reputation.  While it is ideal that legitimate readers should make comments on your blogs, there are times when having a writer submit comments can help your business.

  • Blog comments can be crafted in a way to seem very legitimate and from a regular reader
  • Readers may be enticed to comment additionally on a blog if there are already comments
  • By sharing experiences through comments relating to the blog subject readers can be further influenced
  • Having a writer post comments on your blog is a way to get a new blog started
  • Negative comments posted on competitor web sites is not the best use of a writing budget, but it is a tactic that is used occasionally

When considering if you should pay someone to comment on your blog keep in mind your overall marketing goals to make sure the comments do not detract from your objectives.  Blog comments can be a valuable tool when used properly.  Sincere comments can highlight specific points in the blog and can answer questions to help clarify certain points as well.  When negative feedback is posted you can take the opportunity to professionally respond and educate readers on the issue.  Discuss your options with your marketing service provider to determine if this approach would be right for your business.  For more information you can call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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