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Want To Generate Leads Without Burning Through Capital? Start Blogging.

Posted by Michael Olenick

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There hasn't been an easier argument to make since websites burst onto the business scene at the turn of the millennium. 

Back then, even before statistics could support the argument, the opportunities that websites presented Article_2_-_Header_Image.pngwere just too astonishing to ignore. But the bottom line was, if you wanted your business to dominate the competition, you needed a website.

Today, there is no way around the argument that if your search engine optimization company isn't blogging, then they aren't doing proper SEO on your behalf. There are astonishing statistics to support the argument, such as:

  • Marketers who make blogging a priority are 13 times more likely to enjoy a positive return on their investment.
  • 82% of marketers who blog daily acquire customers via their blog.
  • Businesses that blog say that 54% more leads are generated by inbound marketing tactics like blogging than traditional paid marketing (TV, Radio, Print, etc).

How has blogging become such a necessary adjunct to a business website? It
might help to remember that search engines exist to provide users with timely, relevant and useful results. To deliver such results, they regularly scan websites for more than 100 indicators. The most important ones -- the ones that the search engines value most -- are those that blogging accomplishes:

  1. Publishing a blog article with fresh content “assures” the search engines that your website is alive and well. Each time you post a new page of content on your blog (when done properly, every post is a new indexed page on your site), the search engines take notice – and reward you for it with a nudge in the rankings. No wonder that 76% of business-to-business marketers say they will create more content in 2016 than they did in 2015.
  2. Publishing a blog article with original, high quality content on a blog similarly assures the search engines that you care about informing, educating and solving people's problems – the very objectives In_Body_Copy_-_LinkedIn_Article_2.jpgthey share. Answering your customer’s/patient’s common questions and concerns not only ensures they will come back to when they are ready to buy, it shows search engines you are the authority in your field. Gone are the days when “keyword stuffing” on web pages was enough to bolster rankings. Today, the search engines punish websites for this mindless tactic.
  3. Publishing a blog with fresh, original and high quality content that is shared by others via social media assures the search engines of an article's relevance and authority. So it behooves a business to spread the wealth of a blog by creating a “Social rapport” with towering players in a niche and engage in reciprocal sharing of content. Both tactics can lead to backlinks, or when a website links back to your site from its own site (search engines actively crawl for backlinks).

Since an original blog with fresh content is the key to higher rankings, you might wonder why an SEO company would sidestep the “yellow brick road” to success. The probable answer? It takes time, effort, talent, tenacity and creativity – traits that only the very best SEO company is poised to deliver.

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