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What Does it Cost to Hire a Top Blogging Company?

Posted by Ben Seldon

Blogging is a proven marketing technique that helps businesses in several ways:

  • Boosts search engine rankings when SEO is used
  • Increases customer loyalty
  • Generates leads
  • Establishes your business as an authoritative source on the subject

But the effort involved in generating blogs on a regular basis can be quite time consuming for small and medium businesses.  There often just is not enough time in the day to write and publish quality blogs while also running a business. 

Finding Top Blogging Companies internet-marketing

Blogging companies can help keep your blog producing content regularly, which allows the employees you would otherwise have writing your content to focus on their main job.  Finding top blogging companies can be a bit difficult, unless you know some of the key steps to find the best.  Don’t be fooled by the quick-fix agencies that can churn out a lot of meaningless blogs. 

The costs can vary greatly among top blogging companies, so use these tips to help you find the right one for you that will provide the greatest value:

  • Start with the basics – your blogging firm should take time to get to know your business and your marketing plan.  This basic first step can let you know right away whether or not the firm is right for you.
  • Comprehensive services – blogging involves more than just cobbling together some articles.  There should be research that includes search engine optimization (SEO) keywords and phrases that coincide with your marketing campaign, social media usage, email incorporation, and more.  Make sure the firm can provide the services that you need.
  • SEO – the work involved with SEO should be ongoing and part of a routine blog schedule.  By fine tuning your SEO, you can get continuous improvements in visitor traffic and conversion rates.

Individualized plans – your blogging company should be able to assemble a suite of services that is based around your specific marketing goals and your marketing budget.  Beware of companies that have bundled packages and are not flexible in adapting to your needs.

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