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What To Look For When Choosing an Inbound Marketing Consultant

Posted by Ben Seldon

Beware of inbound marketing consultants that promise too much or seem too rigid in their services and pricing.  The fast talking marketing consultants can take advantage of unwary business owners or managers. 

Choosing the Top Inbound Marketing Consultant

Before jumping into a difficult situation, consider these characteristics of a reputable and successful inbound marketing consultant:Inbound-Marketing-Diagram

  • Learns your business – authentic marketing professionals will take the time to listen and learn about your company and what differentiates it in the marketplace.  This includes understanding your marketing approach, your target audience, and a thorough review of the competitive landscape.
  • Analyzes the facts – careful study of marketing analytics data can provide revelations for experienced inbound marketing consultants.  Using facts instead of intuition could reveal new insights about the customer persona and which marketing techniques are more effective.  Facts may uncover that blog posts generate more quality leads than social media posts, or vice versa.  This information can then be used to tailor a better marketing strategy.
  • Communicates well – some marketers take your budget money and disappear to their locations, with no follow up for days, weeks or even months.  The best marketing consultants will provide continuous information and updates on their efforts and actions.
  • Delivers results – you should see positive changes moving towards your marketing goals in a relatively short period of time.  The better marketing consultants will provide results in several stages.  For example, updating certain web pages with better search engine optimization (SEO) keywords should show an increase in visitors or conversions within a week.  While every business case is different, your consultant should be able to provide a timeline with expectations for your approval.
  • Has flexibility – some firms have a fixed set of services and pricing.  A top inbound marketing consultant will have a variety of services available that can be bundled together or provided separately.  The services may include web design, SEO, blogs, e-books, email marketing, social media and others.

Look carefully at your options before choosing the inbound marketing consultant for your business.

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