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Who are the Best Hubspot Partners For Blogging?

Posted by Ben Seldon

HubSpot has developed a superior reputation for providing online marketing solutions that cover all types of inbound marketing strategies.  A HubSpot partner network was established to certify marketing firms that utilize the HubSpot tool sets to help their clients succeed online.  The best HubSpot partners stand out in the crowd because of their added reputation and their ability to deliver

Best Hubspot Partners for Blogging

When it comes to finding a reliable blogging firm, choosing from one of the best HubSpot partners should be the first place to go.  Some of the qualities to look for in a blogging firm include:

  • HubSpot certification – the work to become certified insures that you are working with a knowledgeable partner that can perform the work according to HubSpot’s best practices.
  • New ideas – the marketing firm should be ready to offer new suggestions and insights to give your marketing strategy a breath of fresh air.  Be open minded to some of the ideas regarding blogs and give them a try to see how they go.
  • Clear methodology – your blogging partner should have a clear process in place to generate blogs on a regular basis that help you to build your customer base.  The steps should always include search engine optimization (SEO) as well as a review of your target audience.
  • Key performance metrics – every reputable marketing firm should provide a report card that lets you know how well their services are performing.  The metrics that are used should be agreed upon by both you and the firm.  Some metrics may include overall web page visitors, leads generated, conversion rate, and comparisons to your target audience profile.
  • Communication – your blogging partner should follow up extensively to make sure they are meeting your needs.  From the beginning of the project there should be dialogue around understanding your business and your marketing plan.  Then, throughout the process, updates and information should be exchanged to keep the momentum moving in the right direction.

Seldon Marketing is HubSpot certified and has a longstanding reputation for generating highly effective blogs.  When you are looking for the best HubSpot partners, turn to Seldon Marketing.

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