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Who Are The Top 10 SEO Agencies in the United States?

Posted by Ben Seldon

In 2014, Forbes magazine noted some of the top SEO experts in the United States, many of whom work for or run some very successful firms.  Some of the notable firms include SEOMoz, Copyblogger, KISSMetrics, Seer Interactive, and others.  Seldon Marketing can easily be ranked as a top United States SEO agency as well.

A Top United States SEO Agencyseo-company

To get to the top as a United States SEO agency, your company must have a certain set of traits and skills.  These include:

  • Adaptive methodology – show the ability to adapt to the client’s specific needs and tailor a set of services that will be within budget while still providing a successful solution.
  • Strong technical skills – understand clearly the technology behind search engine optimization, including the use of on page optimization, off page optimization, and web site structure.
  • Solid experience – present a proven track record of successful SEO implementations and use that knowledge to help your new clients.
  • Marketing knowledge – in the end, SEO is a component of marketing and should be treated as such.  Understanding how SEO fits into a marketing plan is an essential part of achieving success for any venture.
  • Communication – throughout the SEO implementation, there should be a steady stream of communication between the firm and the client.  A clear understanding of the current status and any open issues should be known to both parties.
  • Follow up – SEO work requires ongoing tuning and management.  Your SEO agency should routinely provide reports and analytics information to support any changes and to track the success of the current SEO settings.
  • Best practices and benchmarking – your SEO agency should share with you the information for best practices, including the appropriate metrics to measure success.  Additionally, a method of benchmarking against similar industries or even competitors should be available to help you determine the best approach.

There are many SEO firms in the US.  But when you need the right United States SEO agency to help you succeed in a very competitive market, Seldon Marketing is the firm to call first. 

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