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Who Provides High Quality Blogging Services in NYC?

Posted by Ben Seldon

Blogs can be a powerful marketing tool when utilized properly.  Many businesses believe that the “do it yourself” blogs are acceptable, but there are some sophisticated ways to make a blog even more effective.  There are NYC blogging services available that can help businesses in and around New York City to boost their marketing success.


High Quality NYC Blogging Services

Seldon Marketing is the premier provider for NYC blogging services.  The Seldon Marketing methodology is based around creating the best content that is tailored to your business.  The content can include e-books, email newsletters, web pages, and blogs that generate leads with high conversion rates.

Seldon Marketing provides high quality blogging services using the following strategies:

  • Focus on the target audience – take time to understand the business and develop a strong target persona that includes demographic details as well as habits, hobbies, purchasing trends, complimentary businesses, and more.
  • Strong SEO – search engine optimization does not end with just one round of research.  There is regular tuning and refinement that should take place to make sure your business “dials in” to the potential customers and attracts their attention.
  • Rich content – blogs should be highly informative so that your business is considered an authoritative source in your particular industry.  In addition to informing the readers, the content should be lively and entertaining to capture attention and provoke action.
  • Proper promotion – once your blog is published, the work to promote the blog should begin.  Leverage your blog on Facebook posts, LinkedIn articles, Twitter posts and other social media sites.  You blog can also be part of email newsletters and industry forums, but should be produced in such a way that they do not feel like a sales pitch.
  • Statistics – Seldon Marketing uses key performance indicators to determine the success of your blogs and other marketing initiatives.  Some KPI’s can include the number of visitors, leads generated, email subscribers, conversion rates, and more. 

Best of all, the team at Seldon Marketing understands that all businesses are in some way unique, which is why they tailor an approach and set of services around your specific business needs and budget.

For more information, please call us directly or click the button below and we will contact you.  Thank you.


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