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Why TV Advertising is a Thing of the Past

Posted by Ben Seldon

There was a time when television advertising was considered the premier method of getting brand recognition and generating sales.  While traditional television is still widely used and advertising continues, there are problems with TV advertising that marketers should note.

TV Advertising and its Weaknesses

Before entering into an expensive contract, review these problems with TV advertising:internet-marketing

  • Viewership is declining – there has been a marked decline in traditional television viewers over the last several years.  Most recently, there has been as much as 10% or more decline over the last few months.  This means that your advertisement may not reach as many as you may expect.
  • No real target audience – traditional broadcast stations will cover a large territory, but are not able to provide a more detailed or granular level of direct marketing.  If you wish to reach persons with a household income of $100,000 or greater, for example, television advertising cannot provide that option.
  • Costs versus ROI – the return on investment is one of the key problems with TV advertising.  Placing a television ad can be tremendously expensive depending on the time slot and station, and there is no guarantee that the ad will be seen by the right audience to generate enough sales to recoup the costs.
  • Limited reporting – while the station or channel may be able to provide generic ratings information, there is very little reporting that can help you know if the advertisement was effective.

Online and Streaming VIdeos

The newer trend that avoids most problems with TV advertising is online and streaming video sites.  The number of viewers for these sites is dramatically increasing because there is more flexibility and greater variety delivered.  The advertising costs for these sites is much less expensive, and through SEO, demographic information, and other techniques you can have more control over delivery to your target audience.  Reporting for online advertising is much more comprehensive, allowing you to know the types of viewers and whether there was a “click through” to your web page. 

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