And Why Do I Need To Do It?

Content marketing is the key to ranking organically for high quality ranking keywords. In the past, Google’s algorithm immaturely deemed the most relevant websites as the ones that had the most inbound links. What spawned from this were websites known as link-farms that would sell SEO firms links solely for the sake of making it look like the website it was linking to was an authority on that keyword.

This completely ignored the fact that these links provided no traffic and became a function of who could spend the most. Then, monumental algorithm updates of Penguin and Panda finally began to analyze the amount of traffic that was coming from these links and subsequently began punishing those who were trying to fool the algorithm.

Not only do these tactics not work, but they hurt your rankings. Today we have content marketing, which awards those with the highest quality content that will naturally increase the number of visitors and produce high quality inbound links - the content is so terrific that other websites want to share it with their audience.

At Seldon Marketing, our main focus is producing high quality content that makes you an authority on the common questions and concerns your customers are asking.

Create High Quality Content