And Why Do I Need To Do It?

Lead nurturing, also known as work flows, is the art and practice of moving a customer through the buy cycle and down the funnel from someone who is “just thinking about it” to someone who is ready to buy. The trick is not to rush this process, but rather to further educate that lead through a comprehensive series of emails that conclude with your best offer.

Lead nurturing schedule - If a plastic surgeon, for example, generates a lead through the call-to-action in a blog titled “Top 10 Things You Have to Know About Breast Augmentation,” it is an indication that this lead is in the top of the funnel of the buy cycle. Therefore, the following schedule will be implemented:

Day 1 email: top 10 list
Day 3 email: things to consider when choosing a doctor
Day 7 email: request a free consultation

The goal here is to accurately identify where that lead is in the buy cycle, and then further educate them and slowly lead them to the point where they are ready to buy. Too often, companies want to make a sale right away and miss out on the high percentage of people who are almost ready to buy, but who need a little time and encouragment to get there.

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